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The first issue of “Romanoslavica” journal appears in 1958, edited by a prestigious editorial staff: member of the Romanian Academy Emil Petrovici, as editor-in-chief; Prof. Dr. Traian Ionescu Niscov - main editor; Prof. Dr. I. C. Chitimia – vice-chief editor; member of the Romanian Academy Al. Rosetti, Prof. Dr. Mihai Novicov, Prof. Dr. Ioan Patrut and Prof. Dr. Pandele Olteanu as members.

For more than 50 years the journal is being published annually, under the care of The Romanian Slavists' Association , of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and of the Department of Russian Language and Literature within The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures .

The Romanian Slavists' Association was founded in 1956 on the initiative of some outstanding philologists. Along the years, it included members of the Romanian Academy, professors and lecturers from the universities of Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Craiova, Constanta, researchers in linguistics, in the theory and history of literature, Doctors in Philology, candidates for a doctor's or a master's degree, as well as school teachers.

There are worth mentioning the presidents of The Romanian Slavists' Association, chief editors of the “Romanoslavica” journal, in the same time: member of the Romanian Academy Emil Petrovici , member of the Romanian Academy Alexandru Rosetti , member of the Romanian Academy Gheorghe Mihaila, Prof. Dr. Dorin Gamulescu and, at present, Prof. Dr. Constantin Geambasu – Head of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures within The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, The University of Bucharest.

The “Romanoslavica” journal is structured after the following sections: Literature, Linguistics, Mentalities, Personalia, Events and Book reviews . It comprises in its pages valuable contributions signed by both Romanian and foreign specialists in the fields of Slavic and Slavic-Romanian comparative studies. Along the years, in the “Romanoslavica” journal were published the papers presented by the Romanian researchers at all the fourteen International Congresses of Slavists, so far (the latest was organised in 2008 and took place in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, the next – in 2013 in Minsk, Belarus), as well as the papers of numerous national and international scientific sessions, organized by The Romanian Slavists' Association together with the two Departments. Among the far-reaching ones must be mentioned The International Symposium “100 years of Slavonic Studies at The University of Bucharest”, Bucharest, 1991; The International Symposium “50 years since the creation of the sections for modern Slavic languages at The University of Bucharest”, Bucharest, 1999; The Scientific Session „Romanian Slavistics. Traditions and prospects” (dedicated to the anniversary of 100 years from the birth of professor I.C. Chitimia and professor Pandele Olteanu), Bucharest, 3-5 th October 2008; The International Symposium ”60 years since the foundation of the Department for modern Slavic languages at The University of Bucharest”, Bucharest, 3-4 th October, 2009.

Till 2009 The „ Romanoslavica ” journal was coming out once a year. From 2010, at the same time with the enlargement of the editorial committee with professors belonging to scientific and university centres outside Romania (Moskow, Warsaw, Sofia, Chernivtsi ), the number of articles published in foreign languages increased considerably. In order to step up the periodical publication of our journal and to stimulate the young researchers' scientific work in the field of the Slav studies, the editorial board decided an annual appearance of „ Romanoslavica ” journal in 4 issues. Besides the fundamental and already established domains of interest (linguistics, literature, mentalities, history), the new series of the journal will include also monographic numbers on different themes.

The “Romanoslavica” philological journal is a constant and highly appreciated presence in the universe of the humanities. The fact that a considerable number of universities from Europe, North America, Canada and Japan requested its acquisition confirms the good reputation “Romanoslavica” journal has gained, in time and world wide, among the specialists in Slavic studies and comparative Slavic (Slavic-NonSlavic) studies.


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