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    Prof. dr. Constantin Geambașu
    Prof. dr. Mihai Mitu
    Conf. dr. Mariana Mangiulea
    Prof. dr. Antoaneta Olteanu (editor-in-chief)


Prof. dr. Virgil Șoptereanu
Cercet. dr. Irina Sedakova (Institute of Slavistics and Balcanistics, Moscow)
Prof. dr. Mieczysław Dąbrowski (University of Warsaw)
Prof. dr. Panaiot Karaghiozov (University “Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia)
Conf. dr. Antoni Moisei (University of Cernăuți)
Prof. dr. Corneliu Barborică
Prof. dr. Dorin Gămulescu
Prof. dr. Jiva Milin
Prof. dr. Onufrie Vințeler
Lect. dr. Camelia Dinu (editorial secretary)


Literature – prof. dr. Octavia Nedelcu, prof. dr. Virgil Șoptereanu
Linguistics – prof. dr. Mihai Mitu, conf. dr. Mariana Mangiulea
Mentalities – prof. dr. Antoaneta Olteanu, prof. dr. Constantin Geambașu

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Prof. dr. Antoaneta Olteanu

Articles could be in any Slavic language (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Ukrainian), in Romanian, English, French and must contain work which has not been previously published. They are peer-reviewed and authors will be informed within two months of receipt of manuscripts whether these are accepted for publication. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically. 




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